Frequently Asked Questions By Customers



Can COVID cause delays in my jacket being delivered / returned / worked on?

This could occur. However, we are working tirelessly to prevent this where possible.

How much does it cost?

Please go to our pricing page where it gives a comprehensive breakdown of costs including choice of three wax finishes.

Can you give me a quote based on pictures I send via email?

For cleaning & re-waxing, go to the pricing page. For repairs and alterations, we can give rough estimates but need to see item before more accurate costing can be given.

Will the process change the characteristics of my jacket?

Yes. After the wax has been applied, it is not uncommon to see a change in the jacket colour. In most cases it goes darker. In some cases, much darker.

I have a dirty beige wax jacket.

Will it come clean? 

Firstly, be realistic with what is achievable on such a light coloured item of clothing. Wearing a wax jacket multiple times without cleaning will

obviously look dirty. There are no guarantees on the final outcome after cleaning as no two wax jackets are ever the same because they have all been worn differently. Black marks remaining after cleaning does not mean the item is not clean. This is staining of the fabric. 

When do I pay for the work/s?

We only collect payment once the jacket is ready to be dispatched back to the customer.

Can you recommend a wax finish?

Unfortunately, no. Please read our information sheet which should steer you in the right direction.  

How long will it take for me to receive the jacket back?

Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for completion.

Will you just re-wax my jacket?

Unfortunately, we have a strict policy

on clean & re-wax only.

I have filled in the Owner Send In Form but do not have access to a printer. What can I do?

Simply send the document to us via email at, we can print it for you. Just put something in the jacket so we can be 100% sure that we associate the correct document with the correct item/s.

Can you clean my dirty jacket?

Yes, we will get it as clean as it will possibly come, inside and out.

Are you able to wax an item which did not have wax on it originally?

In some cases, yes. However, like most other things this is dependent on the individual item in question. The clean and re-waxing prices still apply.

Do I send my Owner Send In Form with my jacket (if possible to be printed)?

Yes, this would help as we can identify your jacket / item.

Barbour have advised me to clean using cold water. Will this work?

No, this will not work. Our gentle yet efficient cleaning method will be better for your beloved garment than using cold water!

Does the price include postage and packaging fees?

Unfortunately, no. Please go to the pricing page for more details, including international delivery.

Could you advise on how to clean the jacket myself?

We could, but it would cost you a lot of money!

Do you buy waxed jackets?

On most occasions, yes, we are interested in buying mainly vintage Belstaff & Barbour motorcycle jackets / trousers.

Do you also sell wax jackets?

Yes, we have a large collection of mainly Belstaff & Barbour. Please email us for your requirements to

I have a red jacket which has lots of black marks and stains. Can this be cleaned?

Red wax jackets are susceptible to getting black marks, not just from wearing but also from reactions to brass ware (i.e. poppers, zips etc.).

It is probably the worst

colour to get clean.

Common markings include black markings where creases occur for example the elbow / forearm area and the waist area.

Note that no guarantees are given to removing the staining. 

Does the brand of jacket matter?

We clean and re-wax all manufacturers of waxed cotton.

What is the best way to pack the jacket when sending it to you?

Ideally, the best way is to make sure the item has been made as small as possible as this will reduce your postage fees.

What is the best way to send my item/s?

Please check the information on the pricing page to view postage advice.

When the item has been cleaned, will it remove the foul odour/s?

Yes. We will remove 99% of all foul and bad smells from your garment.

Will you be able to repair my jacket?

We have a comprehensive and specialist repairs and alterations department which will carry out most repairs.

Will you be able to remove a stain from my jacket?

We will get your item as clean as it will possibly come. Unfortunately, not all stains can be removed as there are limitations due to the gentle cleaning methods. But the item will be clean and fully wearable AGAIN!

Do you have a waxed garment collection service?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer this service.

Do you wax leather jackets?

Unfortunately, this isn’t a service we offer. We specialise in wax cotton only.

Do you have any reviews about your work and service?

Yes. You can find the majority of them on the WJC Facebook Page and Google.

Do you have a waiting list?

We do not have a waiting list, but we are always busy and all items are done in the order we receive. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

If I pay extra can I get my item quicker?

That would be unfair on the other customers so we say no to this on a regular basis.

How do I go about leaving you a review?

Leaving a review can be done on our WJC Facebook page.

Does it take 4 – 6 weeks after I send the garment or after you notify me that you have received it?

It is 4 – 6 weeks from after we notify the customer/s. This does not include package transit time. 

I have splashed paint on my jacket. Is this something you can solve?

Yes and no, we have had lots of good results but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee removal in part or whole.

Can you clean only the inside of my jacket?

Our process cleans the whole jacket, inside and out.

Is there any part of the year which is more quiet than the rest? I need my jacket back quickly!

Unfortunately, no. However, if you require your garment for the colder periods of the year, why not try getting it sent in earlier in the year?